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Lily + Rein is designed
for a woman
who loves herself.

There is power in this flower.

At Lily + Rein, we keep in mind that this might be your first time with CBD. We’ll keep it clean and simple so you can feel at ease. Lily + Rein is pure and simple hemp therapy. Our collection is focused on being intentional with our ingredients. Our products are formulated from the best hemp we could find, and produced with you in mind. Ahhhhh…isn’t that nice?

Lily + Rein is a designed experience for a woman who wants to take care of herself. We’ve thought about your mind, body, and spirit. We’re here to encourage your female friendships, your goals, and the simple act of caring for yourself.

adding CBD to your life

We’ve made adding these products to your daily routine as easy as possible. As you use them, you’ll begin to learn how your body and CBD work together. This is a CBD journey, and in time you’ll figure out what works best for you. 


With tinctures, you can control every last drop. You can choose between fast absorption (putting a few drops underneath your tongue) or a slower absorption (mixing a few drops into your favorite tea or coffee). Oil is probably one of the most common ways of ingesting CBD. Plus, it gives you the freedom to incorporate it just the way you like.

canabix drinks

Instead of unwinding with your favorite cocktail, why not try an even more refreshing CBD + probiotic drink? You can incorporate these into any part of your day. You could make it part of your routine or just take a sip whenever the pressure is high that day. We have plenty of good flavors so don’t worry about getting bored. This wellness water brings the benefits and ease of CBD into one brilliant product. 

body butter

This luscious body butter is one of the easiest ways to get your CBD.  This body butter is great for any time you need it or as part of a daily/nightly regimen.


You might want to eat the whole jar, but that’s because we’ve worked hard to create a CBD gummy you actually enjoy eating. With gummies, they can take the stress away from measuring drops and worrying about dosages. With each one, you get a perfect amount of CBD to help you through your day. We’re confident you’ll look forward to it everyday.

soap and hemp oil

We know you want CBD to help you in more way than one, and that’s what’s so great about it. CBD can do wonders for your skin health and texture. Using this soap for your hands or body is another simple way to reap the benefits of hemp. It leaves your skin feeling soothed and soft—who wouldn’t want that? With two great scents of charcoal and strawberry, lathering up will never be more satisfying. 

hemp oil bath bomb

We believe that hemp therapy and aromatherapy are the perfect duo. So we wanted to produce a bath product that will give you the best of both worlds. This beautiful bath bomb will soothe you as you enjoy a splendid bath with the smell of self-love, female empowerment, and the perfect amount of lavender.

love yourself.

Above all, Lily + Rein wants to help each and every woman or interested party find a way to incorporate CBD into their life. Hemp is a beautifully natural way to help you find balance and re-center. We want CBD to help everyone reach their true potential. Get ready to go from bulb to bloom.

CBD can be intimidating.

Our products were designed for simple incorporation for a variety of lifestyles. Your rituals, are our rituals. 
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Still have questions or concerns? We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions for you to get to the bottom of things. If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page! We’d be more than happy to hear from you.


don't just take our word for it.

I LOVE the Body Butter! I've had muscle pain in my legs and join pain in my knees from sports all my life, but I noticed a huge difference when I started using it daily. I couldn't recommend it enough!

Kaylee, 22

I was really skeptical about trying CBD, but the gummies have converted me. I've been taking one in the morning every day for a month now, and I have seen improvements in my mood and overall health. I feel like I have more energy and less stress. My daughter even told me she noticed I've been in better spirits!

Kim, 60

I love the CBD drops with elderberry! I do one dropper full on my tongue every day. I noticed improvements in my pain and anxiety almost immediately. I felt like I'd tried everything in the pharmacy to get it under control and what worked was CBD. If it keeps up, I'll be a life-long user!"

Ellie, 39

“I recently tried Lily+Rein’s bath bomb, they left my skin feeling soft and silky. Most of all they helped my aching legs tremendously!”

Donna, 58