In the beauty world, CBD skincare seems like it is popping up everywhere. You’ve probably seen it in lotions, creams, serums, oils, lip balms—you name it. Now, it always seems that new ingredients are coming and going. We’ve gotten excited about hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, and oatmeal, just to name a few. And while some of these ingredients can do wonders, the market seems to make them come and go.

But CBD is different.

There is countless evidence regarding the efficacy CBD and its cannabinoids brings to peoples’ health. It has been known to treat seizures, insomnia, pain, anxiety, and other ailments as well. CBD has abilities that we keep discovering test after test, and year after year. And in the beauty industry, it’s proving to be more than just another ingredient to add and feature in the newest face cream.

CBD Skincare

As it turns out, there is more to cannabis than CBD and the other cannabinoids. International luxury skin care brands such as Ayuna, based out of Spain, offer a remarkable product that has no cannabinoids (no THC, no CBD), but utilizes an extract that is made from the stem cells of the cannabis plant. Isabel Ramos, the Chief Scientific Officer at Ayuna, says that this new formula initiates a communication from the skin’s microbiome directly to the brain. This brand-new method of curating an ingredient from the cannabis plant demonstrates how our skin care can actually “[act] on how we feel.”

With innovative thinkers like Isabel Ramos, there is another world of opportunities that cannabis can bring to our skin care regiment. There is more than the cannabinoids of CBD and THC—there is the entirety of the plant and it’s other components that need learning and discovering.

For instance, empyri, a clean beauty brand founded by biomedical engineer Jennifer Grant, focuses on using upcycled cannabis root as it’s star ingredient (while also being vegan as well)! Even other brands, like Pipette and Bissance, announced success in a scaled production of biotech CBG (another cannabinoid found in cannabis) to include in their own skin care line.

For now, CBD skincare is becoming more and more popular for its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. In small studies, there is a chance that CBD can be beneficial to treating acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. It’s also important to state that CBD still requires a lot of testing and research. We know how easy it is to get excited about ingredients that seem to fix everything. But in the long run, scientists and other health professionals and dermatologists are still unsure what the long-term effects are with CBD as a skin care ingredient.

Let us keep an open mind. We are thrilled at the potential cannabis has to better our skin, body, and mental health. Beauty is more than what’s on the outside—the inside counts as well. Being your best self is what makes everyone beautiful. And it’s wonderful that cannabis has the ability to help us achieve that!

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