Superfoods are all the rage right now. From avocados to acai berries and spinach, people want to do whatever they can to increase their health and wellbeing. Superfoods are a great addition to your life because they’re simply just foods that have a much higher concentration of health benefits in them, compared to more common foods. For instance, regular white potatoes don’t do a great deal for your health but switching to sweet potatoes can provide massive benefits. Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A and C, calcium, and manganese and magnesium; can help improve your vision, reduce your risk of cancer, fight inflammation, and lower cholesterol as well. All of those benefits come from just switch from type of food, to a superfood.


Superfood bowl


Superfoods are a simple, but meaningful gesture to your health. Every superfood has their own set of health boosting properties. Blueberries can aid in lowering blood pressure while providing loads of antioxidants. Avocados are packed with healthy fats and oils, along with other important vitamins and minerals, while also being able to help prevent depression and fight off cancerous cells from forming. If you’re looking for a simple way to increase your health, superfoods might be the perfect fit for you.


So how does CBD play into this superfood story? Well, by now, many people have probably heard of CBD and the incredible benefits it can have for your body. Although this plant has been notoriously misunderstood for decades, people can’t deny the compelling evidence that CBD is proving to have in regard to people’s health! It’s worth mentioning, that CBD doesn’t intoxicate or inhibit you at all. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound that does produce the “high” feeling if you were to smoke marijuana, eat edibles, etc. By law, cannabis can only be produced if it contains less than 0.3% of THC. Although THC and CBD both come from the same type of plant, their uses and properties couldn’t be more different. And it is the hemp plant, for CBD, that is beginning to gain attention as becoming a potential superfood.


On the CBD market, you can find a wide array of products. Gummies, tinctures, smoke-able CBD, topical creams and balms, you name it. The CBD used in those products comes from the hemp plant. Now, history suggests that people could have been eating cannabis for its nutritional and health benefits. And current studies are showing that the actual plant has similar properties just like the superfoods we know and love already.


Specialists are already understanding how natural, raw cannabis is packed with important nutrients that can be used as a dietary supplement for its high quantities of antioxidants as well as neuroprotective components. Research has allowed scientists to discover over 400 elements of amino acids, proteins, ketones, fiber, and Vitamin A. Another point worth mentioning is how the hemp plant is comprised of many parts. There are the leaves, the seeds, and terpenes. You may not have heard of terpenes before, but terpenes are the part of the plant that deal with the aroma and the flavor of the plant. This is how there can be different strains of cannabis with various smells and taste. These terpenes are showing to also have notable benefits as well. And this is still only the beginning of research.


One of the last parts of the hemp plant are the seeds. These seeds are used to produce hemp seed oil, something you might have already seen on the market before. This oil has also been found to have additional health benefits, proving to be a good source for healthy fats and proteins, which are an important part to a healthy diet.


As people continue to research the potential benefits and qualities of cannabis, the more well-rounded the plant is becoming. CBD has already made a name for being a credible method for managing a myriad of ailments. Is it surprising that the plant itself could be a contender for becoming the next best superfood? People want to be better consumers, and smarter consumers, and that means learning about all the options out there and learning for themselves what the truth behind each ingredient or product is. Hemp, for a long time has been categorized as something bad, which unfortunately has kept us from discovering its incredible properties for all this time. Even though we’re still in the beginning phases of understanding the many aspects of this plant, CBD has been having a great start as demonstrating how versatile and reliable it can be. Although we aren’t at a point where CBD and hemp are fully appreciated and utilized yet, with more research and patience, we can hopefully get there soon.

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