That’s the easy and short answer. With CBD, you might have witnessed a variety of products from edibles to topicals. With CBD and topicals, there are essentially two different ways they can be absorbed into your skin: topically and transdermally.

How does absorption work?

To keep it simple and short, CBD is absorbed through our skin by activating our endocannabinoid system. It interacts with a specific set of receptors called CB2, and those receptors can reach out to various parts of our nervous system, which connects to different organs, and thus reaches out to our skin.

The main difference between topical and transdermal CBD application is how deeply the CBD can penetrate. With topical CBD skincare, such as lotions and creams, it is more of a localized relief. Topical CBD is great for mild irritations, physical discomfort and other pains/ soreness. The CBD sinks into the skin through the hair follicles on our body. Since topical CBD doesn’t penetrate deep into our skin, you can typically use a large amount of product in order to feel the desired effects. 

Transdermal CBD products, on the other hand, do penetrate deeper into our skin. The CBD will eventually be absorbed into the blood stream, then providing relief or comfort throughout the whole body, physically and mentally. In short, transdermal CBD products are great if you’re looking for a product that can provide physical relief as well as mental relief. 


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