Spring has sprung which means we’re all reaching for a cold drink when the days get too hot. Why not grab a Canabix next time you’re looking to quench your thirst?


What is Canabix?

Canabix is a wellness beverage formulated with 5 billion CFUs and 30 mg of CBD. CFUs are probiotics from Lactospore. Canabix currently comes in three flavors dragonfruit, lemon cucumber, and peach tea. They are made with all-natural flavors and are THC-free. Canabix uses CBD from nano-emulsified broad-spectrum hemp oil. We recommend keeping your Canabix beverages chilled for a more refreshing experience, however room temperature is also fine if that’s what you prefer!

About Dr. Babak Baban

Dr. Babak Baban who is a world-renowned immunologist and co-founder of the Medicinal Cannabis Society of America, formulated Canabix. He’s also been cited by the World Health Organization for his research! He is a Professor and immunologist at the Dental College of Georgia at the Augusta University of Georgia. Dr. Baban earned his PhD at the University of London in the United Kingdom.

Canabix Wellness Benefits

When choosing your favorite beverage you probably aren’t too concerned if it comes with any wellness benefits, let’s face it most beverages exist to quench your thirst and that’s it. Canabix does a little more than just quench your thirst, it is formulated with probiotics and CBD from broad-spectrum hemp oil. Probiotics are a “good” bacteria that that help with maintaining healthy balances within your body. When you think about consuming bacteria, it usually makes you think of something that will make you sick, however there are good bacteria that help your gut and microbiome function. Probiotics may be helpful for digesting food or destroying malignant cells. Since the formulation also includes CBD you are getting a double dose of wholesome ingredients into one fresh-tasting beverage.

Whether you want to try all the flavors or if you know for sure that one of our three flavors will tickle your fancy there are options for you! All Canabix flavors are available in a 4-pack on our site as well as a 3-pack variety that includes all 3 flavors.

Which one will you try first?

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