No matter what age you are, sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than a hot bath. There’s video after video of people placing these magical orbs into their tubs, watching them dissolve and spin, as color and aroma transform your normal bath into something more luxurious.

CBD bath bombs are now one of the newest and most popular ways to enjoy a good bath. Not only will you get the colorful and fragrant experience like bath bombs before, but you’ll be rewarded with the added benefit of CBD.

Essentially, the bath bombs are just made with CBD. The CBD gets absorbed into your skin through your hair follicles as you soak in the tub. Depending if the CBD product is topical or transdermal will determine how deeply the CBD penetrates your skin. Topical CBD only absorbs into the first layers of skin, providing a localized relief. Transdermal CBD will sink in deeper, giving you localized comfort and overall physical and mental comfort.

Don’t worry though, CBD absorbed through the skin won’t get you high. CBD is typically made with hemp, which contains less than .3% of THC (the compound that does get you high). Bath bombs have been a great way to relax and pamper yourself for some years now, but CBD bath bombs are on their way to becoming another great way to add some CBD to your life if you’re not interested in edibles.


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