Taking a daily dose of CBD shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why at Lily + Rein we focus on easy ways to incorporate CBD into your routine! We put together a list some of our favorite products and how they can easily be added to your routine without any big changes necessary.

  1. Morning or Mid-Day Boost

When taking CBD, the process should be convenient and easy to keep up with. That’s why we recommend our CBD gummies for those who are looking to take their CBD anywhere or anytime. Our gummies come in a convenient, great for on-the-go jar. With 15 mg of CBD per gummy bear you can get your daily dose no matter where you are.

  1. Evening Wind Down

While you prepare for your beauty rest, treat yourself to some of our favorite bedtime essentials. We like to recommend lighting our Enchanted Bloom Hemp Candle to people who want to create a calming environment before bed. But if you’re looking for some ingestible CBD for before bed, try out our CBD Drops with Elderberry. If taking an oil tincture isn’t your thing, add the drops to your favorite night time tea for an easy and convenient way to get your dose of CBD.

  1. Shower Time!

One of the easiest places to add CBD is into your bath or shower routine. One of our favorite products is our soap made with hemp oil, which comes in two scents Strawberry Fields and Tea Tree + Charcoal. Putting hemp oil in soap is an easy way to get your CBD in a topical form and is as easy to use as any other bar of soap. If you’re not a soap bar kind of person, try our bath bomb in Serene Lavender. Just like with any other bath bomb, toss it in while your bath water is running and let the bath bomb do it’s thing. Both the soap and bath bomb are easy to incorporate into your bath time routine!

When adding CBD to your routine, it should be easy! We created products that will work perfectly in your routine so that all you need to worry about is feeling your best.

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