For women, hormones are something that we experience throughout our lives. From puberty onwards, we are constantly swinging with our evolving bodies and the myriad of hormones that course through our body. One of the most common ways women experience the rage of hormones is from a monthly menstrual cycle that gifts a lovely present of hormonal imbalance. With more and more people utilizing the credible capabilities of CBD, it’s becoming more and more popular as a method of helping with these types of hormonal imbalances.

Most women during their menstrual cycle experience:

Mood swings


Breast tenderness

Migraines and headaches


Bloating/weight gain


Intestinal problems


On top of menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances can affect women throughout their lives (i.e. menopause, perimenopause, and pregnancy). Maybe you remember from health class that our endocrine system is what controls and manages the hormones produced in our body. The endocrine system makes up someone’s thyroid, ovaries, testes, pancreas, hypothalamus, and more. Cannabinoids in hemp and CBD products interact with specific neurotransmitters in our brain that also communicate with other parts that help regulate our hormone levels.


CBD is particularly appealing for women due to its impressive ability to aid with most or all menstrual cycle symptoms. CBD, of course, works differently for everyone! We always think it’s important to keep this in mind when considering the various ways CBD has been incorporated before.

Most of the cramps, headaches, pimples, weight gain, and mood swings that women experience during their monthly cycle is due to their hormones being unbalanced. Since CBD can communicate with the endocrine system as well as other receptors in our bodies, using it to relieve the symptoms can be a great combination! A topical CBD product can be used locally and relieve aches and sores where you want to target it. Taking a hot bath with a CBD bath bomb could ease your whole body and mind with aromatherapy as well. Eating your favorite CBD edible will lower stress levels and help keep your mood even.


Doctor relationships are important, and they should be people we trust and respect. If you’re unsure about the ways that CBD could help you and your hormone levels, always talk to a doctor about doses and methodology. There never really is a prescribed dose that works with CBD—that’s why we always try to remind people that CBD is a journey!

CBD can be an easy, simple, and fun incorporation into your life! You can always start out with a gummy or bath bomb. In terms of helping to manage hormone levels, we believe you deserve that extra attention and aid to make that monthly cycle wreak less havoc.

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