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hemp candle (enchanted bloom)

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The Lily + Rein hemp candle. This aromatherapy candle will bring bliss your senses. Our enchanted bloom candle has the scent of farm fresh apples, citrus, and loquat fruits. To balance the sweetness, we have it coupled with the earthy aromas of sage, juniper, and vetiver. One sniff and you’ll feel your worries and your surroundings loosen. We hope you enjoy our delicately crafted, hand-poured, luxury.

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made for

indulging your senses

Let the therapeutic scent of this candle sweeten your space.

the scent of serenity

Let your stress melt away. We believe in aromatherapy just as much as hemp therapy. Our enchanted bloom hemp candle is all-natural and hand poured. The sweet aroma of farm fresh apples and loquat fruits against the earthy tones of sage and juniper will enliven and calm any room of your house. Simply light the wick and enjoy your night.


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