The year is 2020, it’s about time we started talking about CBD and sex! Let’s start off with a great first question: “does CBD help sexually?”

Whether you’re curious, looking for some bedroom improvements, or just scrolling by, in the world of CBD there is a lot of interesting intersections it is making in our lives. We already can attest to hemps abilities. But what if CBD can provide some extra loving to your bedroom routines? Whether you’re playing solo or with company, CBD is proving to be an exciting asset in terms of late-night games.

Before we go any further, it’s important to state that CBD works differently for everyone! And depending on how you are hoping to use CBD, you will get varying results. CBD can’t cure everything and isn’t a magical potion (although we’d love it to be!). With each attempt of adding CBD to our life, we should always remember the ways of being a smart CBD consumer and understand that even a wonderful thing like CBD is still something that we have a lot to learn about.

We should start by reviewing our endocannabinoid system again, a field of receptors in our body that responds to CBD and other hemp compounds. Our endocannabinoid system reaches into our reproductive system, and in terms of women, there is a significant relationship between the abundance of these receptors in our body to feelings of arousal! By adding CBD to your routine, whether topically or orally, it initiates these receptors in your body to have feelings of calmness and relaxation.


Now one of the first questions you make ask is about libido and whether cannabis can affect this or not. And the best answer we can give you is that it depends! According to a study by the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, cannabis usage lowered a man’s libido (the more cannabis usage, the lower the sex drive). However, in other cases, CBD could increase libido by helping to manage any performance anxiety that could be present. By decreasing the anxiety about sexual performance, one’s libido could increase.


Another big part of bedroom romance is lubrication. It’s an often-overlooked aspect of sex that makes a big difference in feelings of pleasure and orgasming. A lack of natural lubrication can sometimes lead to uncomfortable or painful sex. Adding a topical CBD lubricant or a topical CBD product in general could not only add some more foreplay into the mix but could help relax your reproductive area to be more responsive to sexual cues that could stimulate a more intense natural lubricant. There are many CBD infused lubricants on the market today, and to be fair, there is still a lot of research to be done in terms of CBD being used in a lubricant fashion. This is where anecdotal experience could come into play regarding your research. If there’s someone you trust with sexy details, start up a conversation about CBD incorporation!


There are plenty of ways to use cannabis to make those sheets steamier! Some easy ways to experiment with CBD are

Eating CBD edibles during or before sex to promote a more thrilling session

Using a topical CBD product before as a form of foreplay

Taking CBD oil before sex to help decrease anxiety about performance

Smoking CBD during or before to set the mood for some sexy activities

A great bonus of CBD is the variety it has. It can be used in a multitude of ways and can be personalized for every person or couple. Always remember, what may work for one may be totally different for someone else!

In the world of sex, pleasure, and relationships, it’s important to feel comfortable and satisfied. Whether cannabis ends up finding a place in your sexy routine, all of us at Lily + Rein support a healthy and pleasurable experience for everyone.

CBD can be great for some people, by simply making the days feel better. CBD and sex could be a match made in heaven, allowing solo players and couples to feel the fullest of pleasures. It’s about time everyone gets a chance to feel this good—mentally, physically, and romantically!

P.S Wanna see some interesting results? Apparently frequent users of CBD are shown to also have high amounts of sex? Interesting…


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