The winter-weather has been brutal this year with the cold temperatures and dry, snowy air. Not only do we all feel the winter-weather and the toll it takes on our bodies but our skin feels it too!

Cold weather can leave skin feeling dry and cracked. It’s important to make sure keeping your skin soft and supple is apart of your self-care routine as the winter weather rages on.


One habit that you can hold on to all year long is exfoliating! Exfoliating is important for getting rid of all the dry, dead skin that sits on the top layer and makes you feel itchy and dry. Before you bathe try using a dry brush in circular motions starting from legs and working your way in towards your heart! Not only does this help scrape away all that gross stuff but it also helps your lymphatic system by allowing your blood to circulate better. What a great added bonus! If you are more of an in-shower type of exfoliator, try a sugar scrub! There are so many different scrubs available but using sugar not only helps exfoliate your skin but it also dissolves leaving you with an easy-to-clean result every time! Make sure you are still using circular motions towards your heart to get that added lymphatic bonus.


After scrubbing off all your dead skin it’s time to moisturize. Lucky for you we have the perfect moisturizer at Lily+Rein! Our body butter is made with CBD. Moisturizing is so important after exfoliating because you’ve stripped down your skin’s moisture barrier. Luckily using products with the important skin vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and E can build up that barrier to be even stronger!

Another way to get yourself moisturized without relying just on lotions and body butters, is by using moisturizing bath products! Here at Lily+Rein we have a CBD bath bomb that is perfect to use after exfoliating. You can also try using moisturizing body washes and bubble baths to help soak in that extra moisture.

Make sure when you’re moisturizing your hitting your driest spots with a little extra love. The elbows and knees tend to get the most dried out so be sure that you’re giving them the extra attention they need when applying moisturizer.

Post-Shower Oil

After using a lotion or body butter make sure to lock in that moisture by adding a body oil to your routine. Using oil after a lotion helps to keep that additional moisture locked into the skin. The oil helps with the product absorption and it leaves you with glowing, shiny skin. Body oils are also great for on-the-go since they don’t take quite as long to be absorbed and sink right into the skin.

Stay Hydrated!

The number one thing you can always do for your skin and overall physical health is to drink water! As all things health-related, it starts from within so make sure you’re staying extra hydrated during these cold winter months.

If you’re waking up feeling dry, try using a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep. The added moisture in the air is important for not only your skin but your hair and your sinuses too!

Winter weather doesn’t always need to mean that our skin needs to be dry. Try our favorite tips and be sure to stay warm during the cold winter season!

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