Whether you’re a self-care junkie or you’re putting everyone else in your life ahead of yourself, it’s important to do things daily for you and for your mental well-being. 2020 was tough for all of us but 2021 is here now and it’s up to us to make the best of the new year!  In this guide we will teach you the many simple things you can do everyday to help boost your mental health and your overall well-being.

Start in the morning.

The first thing you should do in the morning is make time for yourself. Try taking 10 minutes every morning and doing a guided meditation. May we suggest Sam Harris’ Waking Up app. These 10 minute guided meditations are a sure fire way to clear out all the bad thoughts to make room for the good ones.

If meditation isn’t your thing, try a morning journal entry. There are tons of online prompts to do but also now that self-care is such a trendy topic, many authors have released guided journaling books to help you get started.

Self-care during the work day.

We all are staring at screens nowadays from 9-5 and sometimes longer! Take a break! Whether working from home or at the office take a 5- 10 minute break every once and a while to clear your mind. Go outside and take some breaths, have a healthy snack, do something to make YOU feel good. It’s hard to step away sometimes but its important that we do because the chaos will be there as soon as you get back.

Unwind when you get home.

Be patient with yourself after the work day is through! That is your time and it’s okay to not get everything done. Prioritize yourself! Order food, put on your favorite show and relax! It’s okay to not want to cook sometimes and its okay to not put everything away right away. Do what feels comfortable.

Another way to feel good after a long day’s work is to sweat all those bad feelings away! Workouts don’t always have to be exhausting, try doing something light like dancing, going for a long walk, or doing some yoga. Not every workout needs to look and feel the same as the last, sometimes you need to sweat just enough so that the stress from the day can all be washed away.

Get inspired!

We all unwind in different ways, find your way! Make a vision board for RELAXING! Not all visions need to be productive ideas for the future and instead can be ways to take care of your self on a daily basis. We live in a society that’s constantly plagued with expensive material things. Make a vision board of what is free in life such as mountains, flowers, etc. Think less about what you want and instead focus on what you have in front of you waiting to be explored. We’re always very quick to jump to the next hot thing that we often forget about the things to do that are right in front of us!

Turn your daily tasks into self-care rituals.

When you’re driving to or from work or anywhere, use that time as your free think time. Think about the things that make you the happiest! Listen to a podcast or a guided meditation. Check out a new playlist you haven’t listened to before. Make a point to take time for you!

Maybe after a long day of work you can’t wait to shower and get ready for bed. Take some extra time and get a bath instead! Spending that time soaking and unwinding can be a great time to relax and drift away. Throw in a bath bomb and take yourself on a little at-home spa get away.

Whether you go big or start small, taking the steps to take care of ourselves can be one of the most rewarding feelings and after the past year we all need a little reward for making it through!

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